Best MBA CAT coaching centres/ institutes in Chandigarh

Best MBA CAT coaching centres/ institutes in Chandigarh:The common admission tests are the biggest examinations for B- school aspirants. The B-Schools are of the highest calibre and accept only those who have cracked the CATs after which they have to go through a personal interview session.

Best MBA CAT coaching centres in Chandigarh

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It requires high level thinking and proper concentration of the mind to crack the paper. Below you will find number of good CAT coaching centres in Chandigarh. TIME leads the list with being the most popular of CAT coaching centres for the profession of the common admission tests followed by Pinnacle. Disha academy closes the list for thr common admission test coaching centres.

  • Triumphant Institute of Management Education (T.I.M.E.), MBA Entrance Training, CAT Entrance, CLAT Entrance, Chandigarh Sector 8-C, Sector 36-D,
  • Pinnacle, MBA Entrance, CAT Entrance, GMAT Entrance, Chandigarh Sector 8-C, Chandigarh
  • Bulls Eye, Chandigarh Sector 11, Sector-44 C, Sector-8 C
  • CAT’S Eye, Chandigarh Sector 17-C
  • Excelsior, Chandigarh Sector 17-D
  • Pacesetter, Chandigarh Sector 34-A
  • SS Coaching Chandigarh Sector 41-D
  • Disha Academy, Sector 27-D

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