How to crack CAT 2019 without coaching

How to crack CAT 2019: No time or financial strength to attend coaching classes? Here are some of the best ways to attend the CAT examination and crack CAT without coaching classes.

How to crack CAT 2019

Crack CAT exam, How to crack CAT, Crack CAT exam, Crack CAT without coaching, Clear CAT 2016 without coaching, How to crack CAT exam, Tips to crack CAT 2016For those who are working and do not want to spend their relaxing weekends on classes, follow these steps to crack CAT 2019 without coaching.

  1. Go through the previous year question papers. They may give you an idea about the and tricks of how the questions may be twisted to confuse the students.
  2. The mock tests and model question papers are the most useful methods.
  3. Browse for important book recommended by the experts and lecturers
  4. Follow your own time table and study and allot an hour for one subject every day
  5. Since this also has verbal and communication skilled question, practice your language ability and vocabulary every day.
  6. Answer the puzzles, quiz and creative type of questions and logical questions and also, concentrate in grammar for better knowledge.
  7. Do not try to mug the lessons. Try to understand the logic and study and you can write the exams in your own words.
  8. If the concept it right, then it’s your wish as to how to jot them down in the paper.
  9. More practice and less theory is the better policy. Practice writing and solving the problems than to read and mug them up.
  10. Keep yourself up-to-date with the recent happenings from blogs, websites, newspapers and all you need to crack good marks is to have good speed, accuracy and confident.

Follow these tips and tricks to Crack CAT without coaching. We also recommend you to visit the links given below to get some more tips and suggestions about CAT exam.

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