How to crack CAT 2019 in first attempt

How to crack CAT 2019 in first attempt: Not everyone who is attending the CAT exam desire to crack it in first time and enter into IIMs. Some candidates just attend the examination to get an idea about the question paper pattern and the type of questions asked, time management etc.

How to crack CAT 2019 in first attempt

How to crack CAT 2016, Crack CAT 2016 exam, Crack CAT 2016 in first attempt, CAT tips and tricks, CAT preparation tips and tricks, Tips and tricks to crack CAT 2016So, if you are really interested to clear your exam in the first attempt, sign up for classes or read How to crack CAT 2019 without coaching.

  1. If you are not sure about showing up for classes regularly, attend important classes and jot down the important questions.This way, you will know how to score better and wise.
  2. Time accuracy is very important. So, if you think you are taking too much time to finish one question, skip and go to the next one and you can finish the tougher ones later at the end if you have time. But do not miss the easier ones that you know.
  3. It is a computer based test. So, listen to the invigilator’s instructions about logging in, submitting and selecting the answers.
  4. Not just the preparation, the other most important elements needed to posses by a candidate is attitude, confidence, strength and positivity. So, if you are aiming at cracking the exam with a great cut off, adequate practice and hard work is certainly necessary.
  5. Keep practicing until you are sure of yourself. But do not lose your self-confidence inside the hall. Practice gives you the speed that your brain and hand needs during exam. It gives an idea of what questions you can attempt and those you can guess.
  6. Since every wrongly answered gives you a negative mark, it is better you think twice and wise before answering it.

 Sincerely follow these instructions to Crack CAT exam in first attempt. If you want to get some more tips and tricks to crack CAT exam then follow the links given below.

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