How to crack CAT 2019 in 6 months

How to crack CAT 2019 in 6 months: In order to crack CAT 2019 in 6 months, you will need a few tricks and tips in order to figure out your study plan.

How to crack CAT 2019 in 6 months

The first and the foremost trick is to learn how to solve calculations mentally. That would help you learn faster as well as attempt more questions. Anything thing to do is to start solving question papers from day one, you would need to see where you make mistakes and prepare your study plan accordingly. Also, track your progress regularly.

How to crack CAT, Crack CAT in six months, CAT preparation in 6 months, CAT tips and tricks, How to crack CAT examAnother thing is to invest in the best newspaper english editorials as spend about an hour everyday and study all the news. Make notes and highlight everything that you think might be important. This would help you with GK, as well as the group discussions. Also, it would help increase your english vocabulary if you check the dictionary for every new word you see there. Make a note of that as well.

Make sure you invest maximum number of hours. Most people start preparing for CAT since their second your graduation, since you have only six months, you need to invest at least ten to fourteen hours daily and immerse your self dedicatedly in the series if you wish to get a decent percentile.

Buy a dictionary, Learn two new words every day and try to use them in sentences. That would help you not only learn, but retain these words in your vocabulary. Try to use as many new words in your daily language as possible.

How to crack CAT 2019 in 6 months

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