How to crack CAT in 10 days/ 10 months

How to crack CAT in 10 days

Cracking exam in ten days is not very hard If the exam is your normal school examination. But in case of CAT, ten days is the period you need to revise your subjects. But are you still looking for solutions to finish off your subjects in ten days? Well, here are a few tips that will help you. But these steps are to be followed sincerely to clear your exams.

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Tips to crack CAT in 10 days

  1. The questions will be from whatever you have studied earlier. So, re-study them instead of wasting time in learning newer subjects incompletely that will also make your forget the older ones.
  2. Avoid distractions. It’s perfectly okay to avoid going out, watching televisions, chatting with friends and reading books and watching books for ten days. Since you have aimed to crack on off the life giving entrance exams, these ten days will be peace less in your life and all you have to do is just study.
  3. Read newspapers. This will help you know the recent happenings and also improve you language apart from general knowledge. So, newspapers, e-papers, journals are some of the life-saviors
  4. Keep yourself fit. Eating is not a distraction. So spend a few minutes to eat proper and healthy food for these ten days, only then you can stay healthy on the day of your examination.
  5. Similarly, tune in your sleep patterns. As sleeping is as important as eating, sleep peacefully and do not fail to give some rest t your eyes.

How to crack CAT in 10 months

10 months is not a very long time to prepare for your CAT exams. Similarly, 10 months is not a very short time too. Feel glad that you have realized about the importance of this exam before 10 months. Here are a few tips to score better with just ten months of preparation:

Tips to crack CAT in 10 months

  1. Understand your syllabus in a nut shell. When you start studying for one subject, finish them and then start your next subject. As the theories change from subject to subject, it is important that you do not confuse yourself and the evaluator and it is necessary that you study one subject at a time.
  2. You have more time to go through previous year’s question papers. These papers are available online and there are separate books available with model papers, previous papers along with the solutions. Buy them and evaluate yourself
  3. Time management is one of the indirectly tested ability of a candidate. If you do not know a question, skip it and move to the next one, as each question carries a credit. If you miss answering a question with 3 credits, do not waste time and answer three questions with 1 credit.
  4. Do not just use your hard brain to crack the questions. Your creative mind also needs some working during CAT exams. Since, some of the questions involve quizzes and puzzle solving too.

Use these techniques and you can surely crack the exam with flying colors to get seated in a top institute in the country.

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