CAT 2019 verbal ability syllabus & questions

CAT 2019 verbal ability syllabus & questions: CAT 2019 verbal ability syllabus & questions: The verbal ability syllabus for CAT exams includes question types like vocabulary, grammar and usage of English language, sentence correction, and jumbled paragraph, use a word in sentence, reading comprehension, error spotting, idioms and phrases, synonyms and other communication skills.

CAT 2019 verbal ability syllabus

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That is used to test a candidate’s high level skill in the language. Since the questions are objective types, the candidate is supposed to select the appropriate answer from the choices given after reading the passage or story. For example, vocabulary tests involve understanding a student’s knowledge of using the primary words, verbs and grammar in sentences.

These CAT verbal ability questions may be of fill in the blanks type. Tests like grammar spotting are done, by giving a sentence with wrong grammar usage and few choices in which one of them is a right sentence. The candidate should select the right sentence from the choices. Idioms, synonyms etc are to find how skilful he/she has understood the language. Some of the Verbal ability questions types are as follows:

Sentence correction:

  1. The small child does whatever his father was done.
A. has done B. did
C. does D. had done
E. No correction required

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