CAT 2018-2019 scorecard and percentile

CAT 2018-2019 scorecard and percentile: The CAT 2018-2019 scorecard would be available from December 2019. The scorecard would contain the total number of marks that the candidate got. This marks would be calculated based on the number of correct answers as well as the negative answers that they would have got due to the wrong answers.

CAT 2018-2019 scorecard and percentile

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Based on the score that they receive, the candidates CAT 2019 percentile would be decided. Percentile is basically the total percentage of other candidates who have scored less marks than you, for eg. If you score 76 percentile, that means that out of the total number of candidates that appreciated for the CAT, 76% of them have scored less than you.

Knowing your percentile is important as the cut offs of the colleges and universities are decided based on these CAT 2019 percentiles.

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