CAT 2019 score calculator|Percentile calculator online

CAT 2019 score calculator|Percentile calculator online: The CAT 2019, scores are calculated based on percentile instead of percentages. The basic difference between a percentile and a percentage is that a percentage is calculated based on the scale of 100. If the candidate gets 4 questions right from 10 questions, he would have said to have received 40 percentage.

CAT 2019 score calculator

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But percentile is calculated based on the scores that the highest scores that have been received, so the person who gets the highest score would have the highest percentile. If we take the above example, if the person gets 9 right, than he has 100 percentile, and the person who got four marks’, his final percentile would depend on the number of people who got more marks than him. The number of students get more marks than him, less will his percentile.

You can calculate your online CAT 2019 Percentile score calculator, by clicking on this link:

CAT 2019 Percentile calculator online

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