CAT preparation tips and tricks for beginners

CAT preparation tips and tricks for beginners: This year’s question paper pattern is surely going to be different from the older ones. This involves smart thinking. The reading comprehension will consist of comprehensions from various subjects. Allot some time to read those passages and read them with concentration that you won’t need time to go through it for the second time, since it is a waste of time.

CAT preparation tips and tricks for beginners

CAT preparation tips, CAT preparation tips for beginners, CAT beginners preparation tips, CAT tips for Beginners, How to crack CAT, CAT tipsQuestions with factual answers can be picked instead of selecting those that require interpretation. Also, the students must have in depth knowledge in subjects to understand the questions. If there are 50 questions in total, pick the best 35-40 questions. Practice until you understand your strength and weakness and answer only those that will give you marks, since a no mark is better than negative mark. Get your concepts right. Formulas are the main sources for answers. So don’t fail to remember which formula suits which type of question.

Go through books that are suggested for CAT beginners. These books will only have basic information that will help one identify the best question one is capable of. Schedule your exam time table, choose your best subject and concentrate more on them. But do not miss out on studying the other subjects as they are equally important. Spend some time in reading papers and journals also to have some knowledge in current issues.

Using your common sense is another very important point since questions like, ‘Imagine on a national holiday..’ and ‘if there are..’ kind of questions that will be asked to tease your brain. These brain testers contain the maximum credits that will help you score high even if you do not attend all the questions.

CAT preparation tips and tricks for beginners

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