CAT 2019 official website and details

CAT 2019 official website and details: The CAT exams have their details put up in different websites months before the registrations start. This is to notify all the interested candidates to attend and register the classes and examinations.

CAT 2019 official website

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All these details and dates will also be put up in the main website of CAT exam management by their team., has all the details from the notification date to the examination date.

This CAT official website also has the previous year’s schedules and patterns. From what the candidate must submit to have valid registration to the number of centers and roll numbers given to the candidates, top institutions under them, payment details, necessary qualifications and requirement, details, patterns, announcements and developments, this CAT 2019 official website has everything in the form of a pdf.

This website sometimes becomes hard to open since every single candidate will want to browse the information first hand from this CAT website leading to severe net traffic during the time of announcements.

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