CAT 2019 number of questions and attempts available

CAT 2019 number of questions and attempts available: Every attended answer is rewarded with 3 points and the unattended answers do not have any negative remarks. Each question will have four color symbols that will indicate its status on its right.

CAT 2019 number of questions and attempts

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Each color represents if it has been answered, viewed, not answered, not viewed etc. while there is a correlation that is overrated about the attempts and the percentage a candidate scores. While a candidate attempts 65% of the questions, he has possibilities of scoring 85% in the exam. It depends on the point allotted to each question.

There are many possibilities that a person who attempts lesser questions score higher than the one who attends the CAT maximum number of question. As the person would have attended questions with high points rewarded to it.

In many cases, in the previous year’s candidates have been seen cribbing about attending maximum No of question in CAT only to see that their scores have been lesser than may others. This can be rectified by attending frequent mock tests.

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