CAT 2019 leaked questions may not be right

CAT 2019 leaked questions may not be right: As said earlier, this is one of the toughest exams for MBA admissions at famous institutions across the country.   Hence the questions for the exams are sure to be very much confidential. Some questions may be repeated from the previous year’s question papers. But some websites may have some question titled under leaked questions.

Don’t Use CAT Leaked Paper

CAT paper leaked, Leaked CAT paper, CAT leaked, CAT exam, CAT So, the experts advice that it is not necessary just to read those. These questions may also be sometimes used by spammers and culprits to attract and divert the candidates from scoring high. This may lead to further troubles. Since the questions in the paper will be chosen by the lecturers who hold the highest positions from prominent institutions who will not disclose the pattern or questions.

In case the papers leaks, the examination will be postponed and the paper will be cancelled. Hence, preparing only the leaked questions will only lead to last minute troubles.

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One Comment

  1. Hi Sir,
    I just want to bring to your notice, that there are incidents of CAT 2016(4-Dec-2016) paper leak in the second slot. This will take you chances of many among the probable candidates. Please take the necessary steps as per your understanding so that no injustice is done to those students.
    There were also multiple incidents of mismanagement in various centres across India.

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