CAT Important topics and questions

CAT Important topics and questions: The syllabus is branched into creative and hypothetical types like non-verbal reasoning (non-verbal analogy, non-verbal series etc) verbal ability (sentence completion, manias and phobias, synonyms etc), reasoning (logic based problems, critical analysis etc) , data interpretation and more.

CAT Important topics and questions

CAT important questions, CAT important topics, CAT topics, CAT important chapters, CAT study materialThe students will just focus on studying the CAT important question that will allow them to score better marks during the examination. The syllabus includes quantitative, logical reasoning and verbal interpretation.

The CAT important chapters can be classified into do or die, should-do and chapters that can be studied if they still have time and they are available in their websites. Skimming through previous year’s question papers may also help.

Some of the question for quantitative ability and data interpretation comes from arithmetic, algebra, pure math and geometry portions (as suggested by Arks Srinivas, CEO of VistaMind).

For the verbal ability exam, the candidate is tested for his communication skills. Hence he/she can go through any sites like books like Wren and Martin, to improve his language and grammar skills.

They can also play puzzles and riddles since the questions may be creative types, comprehensive and quiz types. Frequent mock tests either online or from any institution may also help.

CAT Important topics and questions

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  1. Yes u r eligible..having baclogs make u fall under the category of final year students.u just need to download the final year pesruing certificate from the cat official web site and get it signed by the H.O.D of ur department and upload it while doing the form fillup. You are eligible for cat if ur enough confident that you will secure an aggregate of 55% (6.25 Cgpa) after clearing your back paper d second chance before taking admission to MBA. As cat score is valid for only 1year

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