CAT 2018-2019 exam analysis Day and Slot wise

CAT 2018-2019 exam analysis Day and Slot wise: The CAT 2018-2019 was held on two dates in November 2016. The examination was held in CAT 2018-2019 exam analysis Day and Slot wise on both these dates. The paper pattern of of this year was quite different from the previous years, since both verbal and Quantitative aptitude, both had 50 questions each. Previously both these sections had 30 questions each. The test duration was also increased.

CAT 2018-2019 exam analysis

Previously the candidates has one hundred and forty minutes, from this year the students were given one hundred and seventy minutes. This is because the students had to answer 40 more questions these year, compared to previous years. Another change that was seen was that unlike the previous years where the test takers could not shift between two sections and they had to attempt first and then the second, this year the test takers could shift between the sections as and when they wished.

Let us understand the examination and paper style by conducting an analysis of CAT 2018-2019 both day and slot wise.

Let us first take quantitative ability and data interpretation section. These two sections had a total of fifty questions in total, of this thirty four questions were from quantitative aptitude. The questions that were seen came from Arithmancy, Time, Speed, Distance, Percentage, Geometry, Profit and loss, Geometry, Time and work, Ratio, Interest etc. So, by this we can see that the type of questions and the content of the questions remained the same, just the number of questions increased.

Coming to Data Interpretation section, there were four sets of sixteen sections. The questions ranged from Venn Diagrams, Tables, Bar Graphs etc.

CAT 2019 difficulty level analysis

Now, let us look at the next section, the verbal ability and logical reasoning. Just like the previous sections, this section had thirty four questions that focused on Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability. The rest sixteen questions were on Logical Reasoning.

In total there were four reading comprehension passages, and all four had four questions each. The rest thirty four questions were related to the general usage of english language with topics varying from summary, parajumbles, Summary and inference questions, grammar and odd sentence out questions.

Post this there were 4 logical reasoning question sets with 4 questions in each question set. The topics that were covered were blood relations, team formations, arrangements, direction sense and statement assumptions.

CAT 2018-2019 exam analysis Day and Slot wise

From looking at the question papers of both the days and all the slots we can say that the only change has been an increase in the number of questions, other than that the type of questions and the general paper style has remained the same.

There are many myths that surround the common Admission tests, let us look at these myths in detail. More than 2 lakh candidates take up CAT examinations everyday. The competition is high and and it is not that easy to crack the CAT examination. So, if a candidate is thinking of taking up CAT there are a few things that they need to know. There are three major myths that surround CAT, and as a potential candidate, you should avoid.

CAT 2019 difficulty analysis

CAT exam, CAT exam analysis, CAT exam analysis Day wise, CAT exam analysis Slot wise, cat first day exam analysis, cat post exam analysis, cat exam paper analysisThe first myth is that the first three days of CAT examinations are the most difficult. This is the biggest myth among the CAT applicants. Maybe it started off by some students who found their tests to be very difficult. But, this is false.The difficulty level of the CAT examination remains the same overall through all days and slots.

The second myth among the students is that choosing a later date would give them an advantage, as they would get the time to talk to the students who appeared for the exam on previous dates and they would get an idea about the questions that would come. That’s not true, CAT examination has different questions for each examination slot, so the students who take exam on a later date has no advantage over those who take exam on the first date.

The third rumor is that the final percentiles are calculated by days and slots. That is not true. The percentiles are calculated based on the total number of test takers across the dates, and not individual slots.

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