CAT 2018-2019 difficulty level analysis

CAT 2018-2019 difficulty level analysis: It was in the year 2009 that the CAT went online, and instead of paper and pencil, the test had to be taken on computers. Last year, after many years, the examination want smoothly and had less number of distractions, disruptions, technical snags, question errors, surprising elements etc.

CAT 2018-2019 difficulty level analysis

CAT difficulty level analysis, CAT exam difficulty level analysis, Kaplan CAT difficulty level analysis, CAT paper difficulty level analysis, Difficulty level between CAT and GMATOverall it was a very balanced test. This year, for CAT 2018-2019, the examination time and the number of questions had increased.

If we conduct the CAT 2018-2019 difficulty level analysis, the examination this year had no change in the difficulty levels when compared to the previous years. The paper was well balanced and proper care and focus was given to each section. Even though there were forty more questions, the examinations were held smoothly and this year the cut offs are expected to decrease marginally as the number of students have decreased and the number of institutes have increased.

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