CAT 2019 Admission notice & dates

CAT 2019 Admission notice & dates: In order to get latest and the most reputable information about the CAT 2019 Admission notice and dates, the candidate would need to  go on the official website link.

CAT 2019 Admission notice & dates

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The CAT examination would be held in the second half of the year 2019, but the candidates should keep an eye out for the exact dates.

The link also has other information, apart from the CAT 2019 admission notice and dates, the candidate can also get information about press release, eligibility, selection process of IIMs, scoring and equating process, registration guides, guide for the test day, mock tests, examination disclaimers, paper patterns, timings, videos, affidavits of candidate identification, and other format of the certificates that would be required.

The candidate can browse through these links and get an idea about the examination and other factors related to it.

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